Group Research

Lucas Bao – Postdoctoral Fellow
Can we properly understand plasmon-based photochemical and photophysical processes via embedded correlated wavefunction theory?

Beatriz Gonzalez del Rio – Postdoctoral Fellow
What is the optimal liquid metal alloy to be used as a plasma facing component in fusion reactors?

Sai Gautam Gopalakrishnan – Postdoctoral Fellow
How do we find better water-splitters?

Kaili Jiang – Postdoctoral Fellow
How can we calculate the quantum mechanical behavior of large metallic systems accurately and efficiently?

Lesheng Li – Postdoctoral Fellow
Is 2-PyH-* formation favored on CdTe(111) and CuInS2(112) surfaces?

Mark Martirez – Associate Research Scholar
Can we use light to speed up N2 dissociation for NH3 synthesis?

Chuck Witt– Graduate Student
How can we study larger and more varied systems using quantum mechanics?

Shenzhen Xu – Postdoctoral Fellow
Why and how does carbon dioxide conversion to methanol happen on functionalized GaP photoelectrodes?

Xing Zhang – Postdoctoral Fellow
How can we extend density matrix functional embedding theory to condensed matter?

Qing Zhao – Postdoctoral Fellow
What is the mechanism of CO2 reduction reaction in heterogeneous catalysis using embedded correlated wavefucntion theory?