Group Research

Lucas Bao – Postdoctoral Fellow
Can we properly understand plasmon-based photochemical and photophysical processes via embedded correlated wavefunction theory?

Beatriz Gonzalez del Rio – Postdoctoral Fellow
What is the optimal liquid metal alloy to be used as a plasma facing component in fusion reactors?

Sai Gautam Gopalakrishnan – Postdoctoral Fellow
How do we find better water-splitters?

Ananth Govind Rajan – Postdoctoral Fellow
Can quantum chemical simulations help us to understand existing materials, and to develop new ones, for (photo)electrochemical water splitting?

Lesheng Li – Postdoctoral Fellow
Is 2-PyH-* formation favored on CdTe(111) and CuInS2(112) surfaces?

Mark Martirez – Associate Research Scholar
Can we use light to speed up N2 dissociation for NH3 synthesis?

Robert Wexler – Postdoctoral Fellow
How can we improve the performance of solar cells?

Chuck Witt – Postdoctoral Fellow
How can we study larger and more varied systems using quantum mechanics?

Shenzhen Xu – Postdoctoral Fellow
Why and how does carbon dioxide conversion to methanol happen on functionalized GaP photoelectrodes?

Xing Zhang – Postdoctoral Fellow
How can we extend density matrix functional embedding theory to condensed matter?

Qing Zhao – Postdoctoral Fellow
What is the mechanism of CO2 reduction reaction in heterogeneous catalysis using embedded correlated wavefucntion theory?