Group Research

Mohan Chen – Postdoc
How can we use orbital–free density functional theory to study liquid metals?

Jin Cheng – Graduate Student
How can we combine CW methods and DFT methods for higher efficiency and accuracy?

Caroline Krauter – Postdoc
How can plasmonic excitations of metal nanoparticles be used for efficient photocatalytic reactions?

Martina Lessio – Graduate Student
How can we convert CO2 into liquid fuels and chemicals?

Mark Martirez – Postdoc
Can we use light to speed up N2 dissociation for NH3 synthesis?

Tom Senftle – Postdoc
How can we optimize semiconductor photocatalysts for CO2 reduction?

Ting Tan – Graduate Student
How do oxygenated biofuels perform differently from conventional hydrocarbon based fuels?

Alex Tkalych – Graduate Student
How can water splitting be better understood and improved?

Chuck Witt– Graduate Student
How can we study larger and more varied systems using quantum mechanics?

Kuang Yu – Postdoc
How can we improve the efficiency of CZTS solar cells?

Houlong Zhuang – Postdoc
How can we apply computational simulation tools to materials discovery and design for clean and sustainable energy and environment?